We’re good at what we do - and we do a lot. Focusing solely on building equipments, our wide selection and inventory are what make us a favorite for manufacturers & distributors. Our specialties include Ringlock System Scaffold, Cuplock System Scaffold, Rolling Tower System, Frame System Scaffold, Kwikstage/Crabe/Haki System Scaffold, Aluminium/Steel Formwork/Shuttering, Shorings/Props/Suspender, Aluminium System Scaffold/Formwork, Tubes&Clamps Scaffold, Stairs&Rails, Decks&Platforms, Metal Structures/Assemblings/Weldments, etc. Whether you need any scaffolds and accessories/fittings, we have them. At EAST GRACE, we understand that both quality and selection matter, which is why we deliver just that to our customers. SAFETY IS THE FIRST!

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Global Marketing

Our businesses have already extended to more than 50 countries separately located in Europe, America, East & South Asia, Africa and Oceania.