Application Consulting

Scaffold Education Consulting(SEC) and Scaffold & Access Industry Association(SAIA) can help you evaluate key requirements of a specific application and design, or recommend a solution to satisfy performance expectations in the most innovative and economical manner. SEC’s broad experience with scaffolds in a diverse range of industries & constructure & building makes our engineers distinctively qualified to assist with your project.



Among other testing services, SGS and TUV provides life testing, failure mode analysis, performance evaluations, environmental simulation and corrosion resistance testing. Contact Spyraflo to discuss your testing and analysis requirements.


Custom Scaffolding Design

Our ability to work closely with customers — effectively becoming a design partner — is the foundation of SEC’s success. Our engineers understand that each application is unique. We have a long history of providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions, which give your designs a competitive edge.


SEC designs special scaffold far beyond the scope of our standard product line. Whether smaller or larger, with special attributes, or made of special materials, we have the experience to design the optimum solution.


Some of the extreme solutions we have designed for include diameters, load capacities, temperatures, chemical exposure and UV resistance. More commonly, our engineers design for optimum performance, material utilization or to accommodate a special requirement demanded by the application or assembly process.



SEC understands the demands of modern design cycles and that’s why we produce our prototypes in-house for the quickest possible response. From modified standard products to completely custom designs, SEC will put prototype bearings in your hands quickly so you can complete your design.


Tooling Design

Our experienced tool designers know what it takes to produce effective installation tooling. From simple installation punches and anvils to self-ejecting tooling nests, SEC can provide you with the support you need to effectively integrate our scaffolds into your products, regardless of volume. In addition, we can design tools for your existing press equipment or design and build complete assembly systems.



SEC offers the flexibility to meet your assembly needs for self-clinching and press-fit scaffolds. Some customers choose to have us produce pre-assembled panels, flanges and components. This makes sense for those who may not want to invest in assembly press equipment or tooling. We can produce the mount component ourselves, or assemble into components you supply.


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