How to purchase?

Placing an order with EAST GRACE TECH. is easy for Engineers, OEM's, Customized and Wholesalers. You can initiate the process directly through our online Request a quote form. You can also call our sales department in the China at 0086-510-82709712. If your order or request for quote is a formal document, you may email it to us at Finally, you may submit an order via facsimile at 0086-510-82703347. Regardless how you submit an order, you will get prompt, expert service.

Our company's largest market is North/South America and Western Europe, 70% of the customers from the three areas. Of course, we are also not lose sight of the other countries, After years of development, in fact we have done business with the vast majority of countries.


Depending on the cargo weight, value and customer requirements, we can offer three modes of transport which includes courier, sea or air. Either way, we can help you deal with various issues such as transport, customs and taxes. We will ensure that the goods on time and unbroken to our customers.




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