It is one of our principal strategies to let our employee and partners to be more concerned about environmental protection issues in order to implement EAST GRACE TECH. performs social responsibility effectively, along with its strategic partners and customers, are engaged in green programs to protect our environment locally and internationally; we offer solutions to help create environmentally sustainable business practices and community lifestyle around the world. Please join us in the endeavor to achieve a sustainable future!

EAST GRACE TECH.’s Environmental Protection (EP) Responsibility and Commitment

      ◇  Energy Saving
      ◇  26°C room temperature control
      ◇  Savian electricity, water and paper
      ◇  Saving packing material (energy consumed during transportation)
      ◇  Categorizing waste of paper, newspapers, magazines
      ◇  Categorizing wooden rods, cases and blocks
      ◇  Collecting waste ink and toner cartridges
      ◇  Collecting waste batteries
      ◇  Using recycled paper if possible
      Education and Promotion
      ◇  All staff participation: all staff joining green activities or conferences at least once per year
      ◇  Announcing this LILY Bearings EP Responsibility and Commitment to our customers and suppliers
      Green Environment
      ◇  Tree planting every year
      ◇  Increasing the area of greening zone
      Reducing Pollution
      ◇  Using toxic free ink
      ◇  Minimizing pollutants during production


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