Quality System

Leading-edge technology allows for submicron precision. We produce high-quality shapes, reflecting our technology onto every product under ISO9000, JIS, BS1139/EN74, ANSI, OSHA,etc. We inspects each part of scaffolds through the advanced instrument and mild technology by the established quality-controlling department. Below the following is our production process and corresponding quality inspection:

Material incoming:100% inspection by batch.

Each tool & jig: 100% inspection after used by batch.

Cutting:100% inspection by jigs.

Punching:100% inspection by tools.

Each fittings before assembling: 100% inspection by tools.

Assembling: 100% inspection by jigs.

Welding: welders & automatic certified, technical skill audited, 100% perform damaged tests required by customer, 100% inspection by exterior.

Each part before surface treating: freedom erected by batch.

Surface treatment:100% inspection by tools.

Loading test: 100% perform by customers required.

Before packing:freedom exchang erecting, and 100% inspection by jigs.

Packing & storing: the final 10% inspection before shipment.

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